profilI am a Norwegian journalist that loves traveling. Since I quite my job in the Norwegian news paper Aftenposten in 2010, I have had many opportunities to follow this passion. The last decade I have done freelance work for Norwegian media houses like Dagbladet, DagsavisenEgmont Hjemmet Mortensen and NRK. But on this page I want to share my travel stories with you!

When my proper camera took a time out on a trip to Africa three year ago, I started taking pictures with my iPhone. Since then I have travelled all over the world taking iPhone pictures. I have worked with cheetahs in South Africa, I have petted crocodiles in the Gambia, visited the best sights in Peru, walked the camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, cooked spicy food in India, visited the sami community in the northern Scandinavia, seen the wonders of Rio de Janeiro – to name a few. All documented with my iPhones (and yes there have been several, they are easy to loose). I initially wanted to give my readers travel inspiration with iPhone-pictures, and called the blog Itravels.

My intention was, and still is, to inspire people to travel differently, and travel light. You do not need a lot of equipment to do exiting travels. You do not need a lot of gear to take nice photos. Just do it!

Since I started this blogg in 2013 I have become a mom, and the world has changed dramatically. So after the pandemic I felt the blog needed a change as well. The blog is now renamed We Travel, because I from now on will focus more on family travel. I will also try to reflect that future of travel should be more sustainable, taking consideration for both the environment, and the people and places we travel to.

And stay tuned for updates and stories from my travels.


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