Animals of India

INDIA: Goa in India is well known for parties, hippies and drugs. But the southern part of Goa is much more relaxing and calm. The biggest parties in Palolem are in fact silent parties where all the people wear headphones dancing to their own music.

The people working on these beaches are really what you remember after a visit here. There are a lot of beach venders at all ages, but unlike the aggressive approach on beaches in other countries, the goan venders are so calm, beautiful and smiling. I do not like publishing pictures of people without them nowing it. So I once again choose to focus on the animals. I love animals, and I always have fun taking quirky pictures of them. The beaches of Palolem in Goa are perfect for quirky animal spotting.

And in Palolem were the parties are silent, the cows can lay quietly outside the clubs chilling. Nice!