Antarctic blues

ANTARCTICA Deep blue, light blue, white blue, turquoise. The variety of shades of blue in Antarctica is just unimaginable. When sunrays hit the ice and the water, the whole nature put on a spectacular show. Everything around you sparkles. Even on misty days the light at the South Pole is amazing.

On my cruise to Antarctica there was a group of Chinese contemporary artists visiting to study the special polar light. The rest of us were equally fascinated. – It is just blue and white, but I never get sick of seeing it, one of our guides said.

In addition to the light, there is a special atmosphere on this remote continent. The penguins were the only creatures walking these lands for centuries, and you can sense the lack of human interference when you set foot on Antarctica. The nature welcomes you with an overwhelming presence and silence.

–  There is a special kind of silence on the continent, it is a good silence. People often come here for the penguins, the nature or to visit the last continent on the planet, but most are struck by the silence, our guides said a day we were sitting down in awe.

I really understand. I fell in love with the silence and Antarctic blues. It is a really good type of silence and a nice kind of blues.

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