The beautiful beaches of Búzios

BRAZIL Búzios is often referred to as the Saint Tropez of Brazil because this beautiful beach resort area attracts the rich and famous. 

Armação dos Búzios is a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and just a few hours drive from buzzy Rio this peninsula has twenty different beaches all around it. The beaches of Búzios once were the favorite spot for Brigitte Bardot, and the city itself has a statue of the famous movie star. But you do not have to be among the elite to stay here, with over 200 places to stay, the peninsula offers housing of all categories.

We stayed some relaxing days in Búzios, rented a car and tried to visit all the beaches around the peninsula. We didn’t have time to see them all, but here are some photos of the beaches we saw. Click on the photos to enter the gallery.

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