Best of Greenland

GREENLAND Greenlandic dogs in seperate dog areas, icebergs floating all around, musk ox sculls on the roofs and a hot arctic desert. This is a list of all the things I found different and interesting in the northern part of the West Greenland. 

My strange Greenland experience started already flying inn.

– We can’t be landing here, there is nothing here!

I looked at the guy beside me in disbelief. Normally when you fly in to an airport you fly above a city, a town or at least some settlements. But that is certainly not the case when you fly in over the main airport in Greenland. The airport is located in the arctic desert Kangerlussuaq. Flying in to the airport it looks like you are flying over moon landscapes.

1. Kangerlussuaq is a tiny, dusty, hot place, with perfect weather conditions for air navigation, with over 300 days of sun every year. This was once an US air station, and there is still a lot of military houses here. A few hours drive from the town centre you can find the mouth of the inland ice and take a stroll on it.

2. Next place we visited with the Hurtigruten ship was the city of Sisimiut, one of the bigger cities in Greenland with about 5.200 inhabitants. We hiked to the top (or at least a bit up the hill) of one of the surrounding mountains, and had a perfect view of the city. Our first experience of how different Greenland is as a tourist destination was revealed later the same day taking a stroll in the village.

– This is for the locals, there is not so many tourists here. This is where we meet, says a Jahrige Dorthe Møller selling some things at the market.

3. The town of Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island is surrounded by beautiful icebergs. The University of Copenhagen has a Polar station here that studies the arctic flora and fauna. Hiking here is amazing. The town have a restaurant, a hotel and a café. But none where open when we arrived. All the locals were gathering at the harbor where some hunters were selling newly caught mink whale meat.

5. The picturesque town Ummanaq is situated at the foot of the 1 170 meter tall, heart-shaped mountain. The houses here cling to the barren mountainside, making it a picture perfect place for photography.

6. Ilulissat – Icebergs are called Ilulissat in Greenlandic, and the third largest town in Greenland is named after the icebergs that float all around it, coming from the Ilulissat Isfjord. In 2004 the fjord was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

7. My favourite place being Itilleq that I have already written about. This place have all the nice, quirky different features that I like about Greenland. Read more about it here.