Charter flights to The Gambia!

Got reassured by these restaurants though.
The Gambia is a very different charter destination.

GAMBIA: I was so happy to hear that Norwegian Ving once again are doing charter flights to The Gambia. Their first flights to the small West African country were from Sweden in 1968. In 1994 they stopped their flights from Oslo, to have a small come back for the destination in 2007/2008. This winter Norwegians once again are offered direct planes to The Gambia.

I do understand that it is a very different charter destination that might scare off some of the traditional sun loving travelers. This small muslim country is so different, with so much poverty and sadly known for it’s sex tourism. But there are also so many smiling faces, so much happiness, fantastic music, fantastic colors and a lot of sun.

Check it out my pictures from this special country here.