A culture weekend in Cracow

POLAND It is beautiful. It is inexpensive. And the culture scene has everything you can ask for. Cracow is the perfect weekend getaway city for Scandinavians.

I recently visited the beautiful city Cracow in Poland. Just a short plane ride from Oslo, and with a lot of airlines on the route, this is the perfect place for Norwegians to get some continental vibe.

Cracow was once the capital of Polen, until the king Sigismund III decided to move the capital to Warsaw in 1596. But Cracow is still considered to be the cultural center of the country, and I do understand why.

Cracow is known to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and is listed on Unesco’s World Heritage List. The former capital is full of wonderful architecture and there are monumental buildings wherever you look. Beautiful churches are literally on every corner in the central parts of the city, and every inch of the churches are decorated with historical paintings and art.

The city is filled with museums and small art galleries. The jazz clubs are many, and there are classical concerts held in several of the churches.

The prices are lower than other cities close to Norway, and you can eat and sleep very well to enjoyable prices (By the way, see my story about the hotel we stayed at).

Cracow is the perfect spot for a cultural spring vacation.