Dancing through Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA Buenos Aires is city were your senses can literarily tango through new experiences. 

Traveling is all about experiences. I love all the new sights, sents and smells you can explore when visiting new places.

But traveling is also about the preperations you do before going, and the memories that you bring with you back home. Norway now adays is cold and grey, and in such dull weather I always find comfort in some of my many warm travel memories.

To day I want to share some pictures from my stay in Buenos Aires. The stay was short, but sweet. I just visited a couple of days before and after our trip to Antarctica.

But since we had so short time, we did a lot of research before going, and I do think we managed to see the most essential parts of the city.

We saw the beautiful parks, the famous tomb of Eva Perón, the pink castle, ate a real Argentinian steak and saw several spectacular dance shows both in the theater and in the streets.

The memories we made, still makes me wanna dance away to the special beat of the Argentine tango.

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