Easter mystery tours

POLAND Mysteries and crime are essential for Norwegians at easter. But what about doing a mystery tour in one of the big cities in Europe?

At easter most Norwegians travel to the mountains for skiing, and then we all find a nice spot in the bright spring sun, sit down, and read dark crime stories.

No one really knows why easter has become a crime time in Norway. Maybe the mysteries from the Christian holy week have made us want to look in to other mystery stories too.

I do not now. But I do know that there is plenty of opportunities to explore different mystery stories around Europe. I have written about how going to London gives a perfect back drop for reading English crime and do mystery tours.

But mystery tours are to be found in several cities!

Read my story about this in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet: Crime travel story

Click on the photos to see the snaps from my mystery tour in Krakow.