From «I travel» to «We travel»

Hi guys, it´s been a while!

Since mye last bloggpost a lot have changed globally, for me personally and for this travel blog – I have changed the name from «I travels» to «We travel», and there are so many reasons why.

First of all I have started a family and my endless traveling naturally stoped after giving birth in 2018. Being a mom I also became both more home oriented and future oriented. I started seeing my travels in a new light. Not only is it more challenging to travel with a baby, but is it sustainable in a world threatened by climate change? I became more concerned about what type of world my daughter would grow up in, and I wanted to find new ways to travel that could benefit more than just my own need for experience and adventure.

In 2019 I started working with a publisher to make a sustainable travel podcast, and we worked with the idea for half a year. But then the pandemic hit, and lockdown was announced in Norway the same week we were to do the final work on the first episode. Since then, March 2020, traveling has been the last thing on my mind.

But now as we are learning to live with the corona virus, I again want to start exploring how we can ignite the travel spirit, but enjoy traveling in new and more sustainable ways. This blog will no longer just be about me and my travels, but more about how we can find ways to travel that benefit us all.

And of course I renamed the blog «We travel» because I from now on also want to bring my family traveling. And I hope you will join us on these pages.

Stay tuned!