Hotel trends in LA

USA: A lot of trends are started in Los Angeles and spread world wide through Hollywood TV-shows and movies. The trendsetters go to LA for inspiration, and the hotels where the rich and famous stay, have become the coolest hangouts in the city. 

The receptionists hair has a dark shade of turquoise blue, the same color as the door frames and some strategic contrast walls in the hotel (see picture in gallery). No detail seems to be random at the Pali hotel in Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles.

This hotels is one of the cool boutique hotels in LA. Boutique hotels or design hotels are popping up world wide, and LA is one of the cities in front of the trend.

Hotels in LA offer a lot more than just places to sleep, in LA several hotels are unique design pearls, and they provide the coolest hangouts.

– All the coolest bars and restaurants are in hotels, because that is where the celebrities go, so other people do too, a friend told me.

The two LA hotels from The Standard chain are perfect examples. They have fancy interior and cool pool bars where the young and famous gather. The Standard in Downtown LA is renowned for having one of LAs best roof top pools. The one in Hollywood is seen in movies and in TV-shows like Sex and The City.

Another famous pool bar is the one at the Roosevelt hotel. It is perfect getaway where you can chill out in the heat, just a minute away from all the locomotion at Walk of fame. The summer parties here are as legendary as the many movie actors that has stayed at this Hollywood hotel.

Skybar at Mondrian hotel is legendary, as is the restaurant at Chateau Marmont where the elite of the city can be found.

The beach side hotels are the best ones for sunset spotting. At Venice beach you find cool hotels like Hotel Erwin with the best roof top bar in the area, and The Cadillac hotel that was once Charlie Chaplin summer residence.

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