No traffic no problems – Ilha Grande

BRAZIL There are reports of both fantastic parties and riots because of the world cup. Ilha Grande is the perfect getaway from the craze. This island is just outside of Rio, but perfectly calm, with sand roads and without any cars. 

Brazil is on everybody’s minds these days. Also mine. Not because I am a big soccer fan, I am not.

But the world cup also sets Brazil on the travel map, and all the newspapers and blogs are filled with beautiful brazilian beaches.

I haven’t blogged for a while, but found out I had to join the fun and post my last pictures from Brazil. These ones are from Ilha Grande, the big island, about 150 km from Rio de Janeiro and 450 km from São Paulo.

This is a perfect get away place for all busy cariocas, as the local Rio people are called. The island is without any cars or paved roads, just a lot of beaches and wild nature. A good place to retreat from the hectic big city life of Rio.

Highly recommend!

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