Los Angeles love

Los Angeles/USA: Los Angeles is a city you have to learn to love, in my opinion. A lot of people that are fascinated by the entertainment business, have an instant attraction to the glamorous life of LA. But to many, me included, the first meeting with Los Angeles can be disappointing.

The enormous city just felt to big. The endless hours you have to drive around to go places in LA did not appeal to me the first time I was there, eight years ago.

But I just knew I had to give the city a second chance. So I did. I now I love, love, love LA.

I love the crazy people walking up and down the Walk of fame, the famous street with the stars in the pavement.

I love the fact that it is almost always sunny in the movie city and that you can go to a roof top pool bar and chill, whenever.

I love that you can escape the glitter and glam in Hollywood and have a totally different experience of the same city just a short drive away. We did some days in Venice beach, where you have a fantastic shopping in Abbot Kinney, but you also encounter a lot of special characters on the touristic beach stroll and see more of the realities of the cities.

Because this vast city is much more than the Hollywood glam. Last time I was there I thought the typical LA glamour was too much, and I got really fed up with all the traffic.

This time I had time to see more of the city, and really got to see how you can enjoy LA to the fullest.

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