My hottest tips for a weekend in Rome

Snow, snow, snow. Cold, cold, cold. King winter seems to never let go of Oslo this season. I do love a crispy winter day, but when they are ever present, my thoughts always seem to wander off to warmer places.

My mental refuge has been looking through old travel pics, to recall some good memories from sunnier days – as you all know one of the perks of traveling is that you can mentally always travel back.

Today I would like to share some tips and pictures from a visit to Rome that I have not yet blogged about.

We stopped in the fascinating historic city center three summer days before heading further south. Is was hot ass h*** these days, almost 40 degrees, but despite the overly hot climate, we still had a blast.

One of my friends had not been to Rome before, and one had studied there, so we ended up doing a mix of touristic things and enjoying the city almost like the locals.

Here are my best tips for a three day stay in Rome. But I do recommend to avoid visiting the city in summertime, when the heat is at it´s highest.

A long weekend in spring or fall is perfect!