Northern lights safari

I travel a lot, and I always meet at lot of other passionate travelers in remote places of the earth.

One of the things the often say is: “Oh, are you from Norway? I love the northern lights!”. For years I had to admit I had never seen any – and thought that was quite embarrassing. But living in Oslo you rarely se the beautiful green rays dancing over the sky. Their home turf is much further north.

I have visited northern Norway several times, but mostly in summertime when there are no magical northern lights. But two years ago I tried heading north for the first time to see them for myself. Unfortunately we didn’t, but on a trip for Dagbladet to interview the late famous Norwegian doctor Per Fugelli in Røst, I saw them for the first time – and was in awe.

This New Years Eve I wanted to go back north to se if we could se some more dancing lights. I had a dream to se fire works and aurora polaris both lighting up the sky – overly optimistic as I often am.

We didn’t see any lights New Years Eve, but the day before (on my birthday) we attended a Northern Lights safari, and saw some green flashes over the frozen landscapes. We didn’t see as much of aurora as we hoped, but the safari was still magical – even though it was an overly popular activity, and two full busses of tourists going.

My iPhone wasn’t able to get the best photos so I have added some pictures from Jann Engstad from Lofoten Aktiv that brought my group out in the dark Lofoten night.

The last few winters there have been a significant increase in tourist traveling up north in Norway for “Northern lights safaris“, and the Norwegian network TVNorge have even made a television show about the interest called “Jakten på nordlyset”.