Party in the mountains – Europe’s best after ski

HEMSEDAL/NORWAY: Hemsedal is one of Norway’s best ski resorts, and the after ski in these mountains are legendary. Wanna try? Do it fast. This weekend is the closing festival for the ski slopes. 

I remember the first time I went to Hemsedal. I was 15 and with my best friend visiting one of her relatives. He took us to the after ski at Hemsedal café. And my life changed. I really mean it. While jumping around to the ski bangers, I fell in love with the atmosphere, started snowboarding and I, the beach/summer person, started loving the winter life in the Norwegian mountains.

Unfortunately I had a bad snowboard accident a couple of years ago, and I haven’t had the urge for slopes since that. Until now. This easter I went back to Hemsedal. And it was so much fun!

The slopes are good, the scenery is amazing and the after skis are still as fun. The afterski at Stavkroa has been voted by as one of Europes best after ski two years in a row. «Dancing only allowed on the tables» is their famous rule. I might just prefer the after ski at Skarsnuten design hotel where you can dance on the porch outside. Anyways there are plenty of options, and plenty to do in Hemsedal.

This weekend is the closing party for the Hemsedal ski resort. And the last chance to do some real mountain partying.