Playfull Rio

BRAZIL: There is nothing like the playful weekend vibe on the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The city is becoming more and more loved by travelers. And I do under stand why!

At the end of last year I visited Brazil for the first, but certainly not the last, time. I didn’t have much time to travel in the huge country, but spent all my time in Rio-state. There are a lot of nice resorts around the city of Rio de Janeiro, and I will post some travel stories from the perfect beaches of Búzios and Ilha Grande later on.

But for now, I just have to share some photos from the city of Rio, a perfect holiday spot. The city is beautiful unlike any other city I have seen, and I have seen many. The beaches stretch around most of the city for miles and miles. And the cariocas (as the people of Rio call them self) use the beaches as their playground always doing soccer, ping pong, surfing or kiting.

The city is vibrant and filled with music, culture, art and fun. And for sporty travelers there is a lot of tropical forest around the city for hiking.

The living standard among the people of Rio vary from high end luxury to immense poverty. But a lot have been done to secure the slum favela areas, and now most of the favelas are pacified.

My top list of things to do is to:

1. Hang out on Ipanema beach, it is nicer than Copacabana.

2. Dance samba.

3. See the city from above. From Sugar Loaf and/or Corcovado or/and from the favelas.

4. Experience the tropical nature.

5. Have some acai!

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