The culture trail to Santiago

SPAIN: Walking the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela has become a quite common choice for both believers and non believers. People do it to experience culture, nature, food, wine, religion, tradition. I decided to do the walk as a new way to see Spain and do something sporty as well. And the walk exceeded all my expectations.

The walk is a nice cultural experience. You see all these old towns along the way, beautiful old buildings and a lot of handmade artifacts that people leave behind them as a signs on the path.

Many people do the walk as a culinary experience through the country’s best food and wine districts. And for a good reason. As a pilgrim you get full three course dinners with half a bottle of wine for no more than 8-9 euros. Good deal.

I walked the last bit of the camino, the 11 day walk from Leon to Santiago, with my first iphone, an iphone 3 that just had the photo application Hipstamatic installed. I am not too fond of the visual lenses the app provides anymore. But I kind of like the dark and mystic look the Hipstamatic app gives to the pilgrimage pictures.