Visit a summer place in fall

DENMARK: Have you ever tried visiting a holiday spot at the break of autumn? Skagen has a lot to offer year round. 

I love vibrant holiday places, with streets bustling of people and the air filled with vaycay expectations. The last few years I have also grown to love visiting summer spots in the low seasons. There is something very soothing and relaxing about strolling around in sleepy villages when the tourist booms are over.

This fall I went to the Danish summer city of Skagen, just at the dawn of the new season. The town itself has a lot of nice cafes, pubs and small shops that you can visit year round. The beaches are still nice hangouts, even though you need to wear a bit more that a bikini. I traveled with both kids and dogs, and they all enjoyed running around on desert beaches thats stretches out for miles and miles on both sides on the northern tip of Denmark.

Main sights are Grenen and The Sand-Covered Church.